We have 3 units on our premises. The pool application of the Wellan is stunning. I haven’t added any chemicals in two months! With the rainy weather even having a chlorinator, we still had to balance the water every week twice. It used to grow algae around the sides and on pool cleaner pipe. This has just stopped totally!

Further, I also switch the pool off to try and see if the water will then deteriorate for on a week now. It stays absolutely clean.

This blows my mind to just see this truly amazing outcome of the Wellan Ring.

Many thanks!



We are very pleased with the results of fitting the Wellan Water purification ring, it has undoubtedly cleaned limescale from all of our sinks, taps, shower heads, shower glass and toilet bowls. The water feels softer and tastes much better. We have also cut down on the amount of detergent needed to clean these areas.

Most of all, I like the idea that you fit and forget, not having to change filters or do any maintenance is a blessing and a cost saving.

Please do not hesitate to make contact with the undersigned should you require any further clarification.

Thank you Wellan !!

Mr Peter Boot, Owner/Managing Director – Water Control Co.


“After fitting the ring I noticed after a couple of days how much softer the water was and how my skin was not so dry.“


( North West)

Netcare Hospital

One of the largest private hospital groups has approved the Wellan Water Purification Products. View the Netcare water purification Report.

The roll out has commenced where Wellan Africa will be fitting the technology to the hospitals in the group. We have also fitted the Technology to another Private hospital again with great results.

And we have also fitted the technology to two Government hospitals.


District Hospital of Faro

Department of Health

This report is in reference to a preventive measure for controlling the legionella that is located in the hot water network of the district hospital of the city of Faro. This controlling is to be carried out by having Wellan 2000 Rings installed by the company Conforfluide, hailing from the city of Braga.

On July 13th 2006, 3 Wellan 2000 Rings were installed below the hot water container located in the heating center.

After the existence of legionella was determined by the water quality inspections, the decision was made to install another two rings in the reflux pipes of the A.Q.S. located on floors 7 and 8. These 2 Wellan 2000 Rings were then installed in the reflux pipe on floors 7 and 8 on January 2nd 2007.

In April of this year (2007), several congestions were determined in the pipes on floors 6, 7 and 8. These congestions were caused by the enormous amount of organic matter that had detached itself from the walls of the pipes. At this point in time, the legionella inspections showed the highest levels of legionella since the Wellan rings had been installed.

During the period of time in which the inspections were conducted, it was determined that the interior of the pipes had become cleaner because the organic matter had been rinsed out. An 85% reduction in leaks and tears in the pipes was also determined.

After evaluation of the bacteriological inspections, we were able to determine that there had been an effective reduction to the number of legionella colonies. Although they were not completely destroyed, the values are now at a level that can be categorised as being very good.

We have concluded that there is a direct connection between the amount of organic matter in the pipes and the development of legionella colonies. As a result of this determination and although no explanation and no evidence can be provided as to what role it is exactly that Wellan 2000 Rings play, we strongly feel that price negotiations for the acquisition of the rings should be conducted.

I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 and have been using the Wellan 2000 Power Ring for two years. The last time that I had a tune up was about four years ago, so my son came over to change my spark plugs. In the middle of changing the spark plugs he asked me, ‘What are you changing the plugs for?’ The spark plugs looked like they weren’t even used at all.

Since using the Wellan Power Ring, I get better petrol mileage and the truck has better pick-up.

Fred W

Winfield Contractors


I have a total of forty vehicles that we run for the company, a majority of them being sixteen-foot box vans… The Power Ring was installed on the pump hose that fills each of our vehicles. About a month has passed since we have been using the Power Ring and I have seen a saving of $3,000.

Tony L

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